17 September, 2021

5 locations to practice yoga in Milan

Passionate practitioners of the yogic discipline with find fertile ground in Milan: our city, among the main Italian locations for these events – like the “mindful triathlon” at City Life, Wanderlust, taking place on Saturday and Sunday, September 18th and 19th – hosts millions of practitioners every year. As many people practice indoors as outdoors, and embrace every style, from “hatha yoga”, the most well-known, to “power yoga”, the more dynamic. Here are 5 locations to note between Brera and the hot spots of the centre: 


Not a gym, but a multifunctional space: in this 300 m2 concept store dedicated to shopping, fashion and wellness, visitors can purchase yoga products and practice in safety with accredited professionals. Open 7 days a week, it organizes training courses, orientation workshops and lessons in various disciplines (like Dharma Yoga, Prana Vashya and Prenatal Yoga) on the weekends.

Address: Corso Garibaldi 77 Contacts: +39 02 45377010 / info@yogaessential.com Social: Facebook / Instagram Site: https://www.spaziogaribaldi.com/


In the Coinart area, this cultural association for the study, practice, and spread of yoga and eastern philosophies organizes various types of practices, thinking as much of physical wellbeing as energetic, emotional and psychic wellbeing. Open nine months per year, from October to June, it offers programmes of both theory and practice (from relaxation to breathing techniques and meditation).

Address: Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto 4/A Contacts: +39 338 9357661/ info@samadhiyoga.it Social: Facebook / Instagram Site: https://www.samadhiyoga.it/

NATKED (City Life / Porta Nuova)

In the two locations of City Life and Porta Nuova, this centre offers practice of the elements of yoga, a style from gentle movements and controlled breathing with which to discover one’s body through internal exploration. Suitable for any age, physical condition and athletic preparation, the offerings – with personal sessions or classes – of this school are aimed as much as at yoga experts as at beginners, with the motto °your body is your gym”.

Address: Via Amerigo Vespucci 12 (Porta Nuova) / Piazza Tre Torri (City Life) Contacts: +39 02 4947 9619 – portanuova@natked.com / +39 02 3940 0055 – citylife@natked.com Social: Facebook / Instagram Site: https://www.natked.com/

CITY ZEN (Ticinese)

Large halls with ample windows reflect a programme schedule no less airy than the space: from Monday to Friday, this centre in the Ticinese area, oasis in the heart of the city arranges several types of courses, like Hot Yoga (in an environment heated to 40°C) or Odaka Yoga (inspired by the movement of waves). The offering is accompanied by targeted educational master classes and concerts. And finally, to underline, 100% of the profits go to the Fondazione Francesca Rava, a charity supporting children’s rights.

Address: Via San Francesco d’Assisi 15 Contacts: +39 02 36632090 / info@cityzen.it Social: Facebook / Instagram Site: https://cityzen.it/