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Brera Apartments. Your homely home in Milan.

At Brera Apartments, we work daily to welcome the world to Milan and to make the stay of our guests a pleasantly unique experience. We believe that a home is so much more than a hotel, whether you are traveling for work or for leisure.

Unique apartments and Milan’s charm

All our apartments are carefully selected with the goal of making them unique in the eyes of our guests.

Our apartments have all been renovated by an elite team of architects to ensure they meet our high standards. We believe that only a unique apartment with a strong personality, combined with our entire staff’s genuine warmth, can provide our guests with that unique touch of hospitality:

  • A Booking Service that fully understands each guest’s needs, with people focusing on finding the accommodation solution that represents the best possible match;
  • A detail oriented Housekeeping Manager that supervises the preparation of each apartment;
  • A warm welcoming process, that also respects our guests’ privacy and makes them feel at home. It begins at the very moment they check-in, when we offer them our welcome kit, and continues throughout their entire stay, thanks to a customer service available 24/7


Brera Apartments was founded in 2009, as the first company to offer a “widespread hotel” solution in Milan. Leveraging the solid hotel industry experience gathered through HotelSolutions, a strategic revenue management firm, we became a success story. Brera Apartments has transformed the very concept of short-term rental turning it into a unique opportunity to fully experience Milan from within.

Join us

Join us to welcome the world to Milan!

Do you have an apartment in the center of Milan, and would you like to generate some extra income?
Do you have an apartment in the center of Milan, and would you like to put it to use to generate some extra income?
Team up with Brera Apartments!
Before you contact us, please make sure your apartment meets our quality standards:

Charm. The building must be elegant and upscale.
Type. Studio, one-bedroom, two-bedrooms
Interior. Prestigious furnishings.

We offer full marketing, management, and maintenance services, depending on the type of contract and level of partnership you’ll choose.

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