4 August, 2021

Summer cinema in Milan: 5 top locations of summer 2021

Fashion, design, food, and cinema too! Milan is increasingly responsive to the “art week”, which, over the course of the summer, literally invades the city, bringing out in the open of various neighbourhoods, the most interesting titles of the season.

On our blog discover 5 of the best locations for en plein air cinemas to enjoy projections under the stars!

1) Triennale (Viale Emilio Alemagna 6)

Italian and foreign titles, previews, large productions, family films. The Triennale di Milano in Giardino Giancarlo De Carlo, part of its architectural complex is, perhaps, the most pleasant of open-air cinema experiences. In addition to individual tickets that can also be purchased online, packages of 10 tickets are also available (at the affordable price of 39 euros).

Further information here: https://triennale.spaziocinema.18tickets.it/

2) Chiostro dell’Incoronata (Via Milazzo 9)

The summer arena of the XVth century Chiostro dell’Incoronata – in the courtyard of the convent of the same name – boasts a diverse programme of Italian and foreign films including previous releases and new works, as well as films for children. Every night offers a double feature on two different screens, available with stereo-audio through wireless headphones. 

Further information here: https://www.mentelocale.it/milano/articoli/89648-arianteo-incoronata-2021-cinema-aperto-chiostro-programmazione-completa-film.htm

3) Giardino delle Crocerossine (Via Inganni / Via della Rondine)

The schedule of “Cinemarmocchi” is specifically dedicated to children, and is the only one in the city financed through donations. Born of an idea of Project W association, this cinema boasts new and foreign language films (subtitled) on the themes of integration and multiculturalism. The Giardino delle Crocerossine also features daytime projections dedicated to mothers, as well as a space equipped for breast-feeding outside of the home.

Further information here: https://www.milanolife.it/notizie/2021/05/12/cinemarmocchi-a-milano/

4) Anteo in the city (travelling location)

If they call it “a four-wheeled cinema” there must be a reason: this summertime cinema, organized by Anteo and Fuoricinema in collaboration with the Assessorato alla Cultura of the Milan government, bounces around the municipalities stopping, week after week, in a different piazza each time. Seven important titles alternate between the various locations – from Piazza Gino Valle to the Anfiteatro Martesana and the CAM of Viale Saponaro – including live meetings with the most acclaimed actors.

Further information here: https://anteonellacitta.spaziocinema.18tickets.it/

5) Arena Chiesa Rossa (Via Neera 24)

Returning this year to Municipio 5 is the open-air cinema organized by Centro Culturale Asteria at the Sports Field of the Parrocchia of Santa Maria Annunciata. The weekly appointments (until September 25th) offer foreign language films and headphones: Wednesday nights are dedicated to the youngsters; Fridays are for art-house films and Saturdays feature blockbusters.

Further information here: https://www.centroasteria.it/cinema-arena-chiesa-rossa-milano-2021/