3 March, 2022

5 flower shops for purchases in Milan

In a not-so-very-remote past, it was grey, in its smokiest point, which dominated the palette of our Milan. But today’s city, vibrant and lively, enjoys its own light – a new light – in a melting pot of artists’ atelier, creative installations and flowering parks. And among the most colorful windows are those of florist stops: here are 5 of the most picturesque and curious to buy fresh flowers, exotic plants and whimsical gifts.


1) FIORAIO BIANCHI – Via Montebello 7, Milan

Not just a historic flower shop, but a timelessly charming bistro among the most beloved of Brera. With its elegantly shabby walls and food and beverage offerings of recognized quality, Bianchi clients breathe a Parisian atmosphere from breakfast to dinner. And in addition to dining, it’s possible to acquire special gifts made of orchids and starred magnolias, pods of Alkekengi (Japanese Lantern plants) and rose buds. The “blossom of pride” of this place? The “Aperitif Floreale” at the beginning of the weekend.

Site: https://www.fioraiobianchicaffe.it/
Contacts: info@fioraiobianchicaffe.it / +39 02 29014390
Social: Facebook / Instagram


2) LAMI FIORI – Piazza San Marco 8, Milan

Again, in the Brera area, this time towards Piazza San Marco, in the shadow of the namesake 13th century church, is an elegant concept store with suggestive scenery, where the most glamorous offerings of floral design are dressed in unique wrappings. From Nicola and Franca Fantoni Lami – “able to translate dreams into sophisticated creations” – come exotic flowers and statement plants that, together with handcrafted objects and unconventional materials, give life to unique, luxurious and romantic compositions.

Site: https://lamifiori.com/
Contacts: info@lamifiori.com / +39 02 86464602
Social: Facebook / Instagram


3) IL GIARDINO DI SARAH – Via Scipione Pistrucci 25, Milan

Subtitle: flowers, plants and much more. And the “much more” is part of the “bookè” initiative, or rather floral bouquets liberally inspired by books and stories, in collaboration with independent bookshop La scatola lilla (The lavender box). If you are searching for pieces to compose your #urbanjungle, this is the right place: every type of garland and well-known or lesser-known plant (like the Kangaroo Paw) await you in the Calvairate area, next to Insurbia park, in the hands of Sarah Bocciardi, a “florist geographer”!

Site: https://www.ilgiardinodisarah.com/
Contacts: sarahbocciardi@gmail.com / +39 02 59902455
Social: Facebook / Instagram


4) GARDENIA – Via Gian Giacomo Mora 20, Milan

It is a study-nursery full of ideas (and orchids) managed by Fara Marabelli and Antonella Ambrosini, not far from the columns of San Lorenzo, and also hosts a coffee bar area: there, among the succulent and statement plants, which protect terraces and gardens with rigor and the inspiration of Impressionist painters.  But they also see fresh and terracotta flowers, from classic silhouettes to unusual pieces, for passionate collectors.

Site: https://www.gardeniamilano.it/
Contacts: info@gardeniamilano.it / +39 02 58115241
Social: Facebook / Instagram


5) CORAL – Viale Pasubio 8, Milan

Textural vases and festive garlands, delicate crowns of leaves and berries or bouquets with the freshest flowers of the season. The ladies of Coral, a small but grand shop right in Porta Garibaldi, facing the glass façade of Microsoft Italy, work with grace and balance between colors, perfumes and eclectic materials. And they also guarantee rapid delivery service in 24 hours, to offer a floral homage any time, throughout the city.

Site: https://coralflowers.it/
Contacts: +39 02 62087796
Social: Instagram