12 December, 2018

The best Panettone in Milan


Panettone is a real institution in Milan; it is said that the famous dessert was born in the city and since then it has become part of the Milanese tradition during Christmas holidays.

Let’s discover together which are the best Panettone in the city!

At Pasticceria Cova, one of the oldest cafes in the city, frequented by Giuseppe Verdi, you can find Panettone all year long.

Also in Pasticceria Marchesi Panettone is produced all year long and it is wrapped in the old laboratory of the renowned pastry shop. During Christmas holidays Panettone is one of their flagship products and it is particularly appreciated.

During Christmas in the old Pasticceria Taveggia they take out of the oven Panettoni of all kinds, from the most traditional flavour, to the one with chocolate and the one with walnuts and dates. In this place you are going to be overwhelmed by the beautiful Christmas atmosphere.

At Pavè Panettone gets wrapped within iconic boxes, and the Panettone for two served within a jar is a real must. In this place the quality of the ingredients is going to amaze you.

In the pasticceria Martesana the mix between the famous Sacher, a specialty for this pastry shop, and Panettone, creates the so-called “Panetùn Sacher” made by Enzo Santoro. Here the traditional Panettone dough with apricot cubes, encounters the dark chocolate icing for a taste explosion.

If you’d like to taste one of these famous Milanese Panettoni, you just have to come to Milan and stay at our Brera Apartments.