11 June, 2024

5 rooftops to admire Milan from on high (and have an aperitif)

rooftops milan skyline

Ph Roy Via Pexels 

There are those that say to truly understand Milan, you have to learn to “see it” from another perspective. Because behind the first impression of coldness, of frenzy, there is a world of things and people completely different from the obvious and brusque. 

So, to encourage you into putting on “new lenses” to take it all in, we thought of bringing you up high, where its eclectic skyline – a mix of history and modernity, numerous towers and archistar design that represent the soul of a city divided between tradition and innovation, Italianness and a desire for worldliness – shows itself with all its pride. 

Discover 5 panoramic addresses to have an aperitif, eat a dinner or enjoy an after dinner drink from high up. Discovering Milan from an unusual point of view, over the top!

1) Ceresio 7 (Garibaldi area)

Just steps from the Cimitero Monumentale (Monumental Cemetery) of Milan, on the magnificent terrace of the historic Enel building, currently the headquarters of the Dsquared2 Group, is one of the most famous and sophisticated rooftop bars of Milan, Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant, which has become an icon of Milanese night life. With two pools and a panoramic terrace with a view of the new skyline of Milan, it is the perfect place to taste a cocktail with others, or have dinner surrounded by green, with the gourmet creations of Brianza-born chef Elio Sironi.

Info: Site / Address: Via Ceresio 7 / Tel: +39 02 31039221

2) A’ Riccione Terrazza 12 (San Babila area)

Design, fashion and taste meet just steps from the Duomo, between the ninth and tenth floors of the famous building of Bran & Barry, in a space with a 360° view of the city centre, and whose name is a nod to seafood cuisine. While the restaurant menu concentrates on the seafood dishes of chef Marco Fossati – among which is the stand out “Gran Plateau Royal”, a mix of crudité, tartare, langoustines, red prawns and more than ten types of oysters – the lounge bar offers a choice of a vast selection of drinks paired with finger food and small bites, to transform aperitifs and after dinner drinks into true taste experiences. 

Info: Site / Address: Via Durini 28 / Tel: +39 02 92853303

3) Terrazza Martini (Duomo area)

The most panoramic and central photo of the Milanese skyline is perhaps the one taken from here, from the peak of the Piazza Diaz skyscraper, historic symbol of Milanese “bien vivre” In the rooftop bar that made it famous guests can taste great drinks made with the iconic house vermouth, with an enchanting view of the Duomo and a selection of dry savoury snacks. The setting is that of an elegant hanging garden whose arboreal contents call to mind the botanicals used in the century-old recipe of the famous alcoholic drink. Reservations are required and mixology enthusiasts can purchase a master class.

Info: Site / Address: Piazza Diaz 7/ Tel: +39 02 0070 2335

4) Terrazza Triennale (Parco Sempione area

In addition to the many exhibitions (many of which are free) that the Triennale displays monthly, the fourth and top floor of its building, the Palazzo dell’Arte in Via Alemagna, features a terrace from which to embrace the must-see panorama of Parco Sempione, Castello Sforzesco, the Torre Branca and the skyscrapers of City Life. Here in the city centre, but protected from the daily chaos, one can have lunch or dinner, or even an aperitif accompanied by “meneghinas” – gourmet snacks conceived by the imagination of chef Tommaso Arrigono – as well as evening cocktails from the innovative drink list of bartender Lorenzo Rossi.

Info: Site / Address: Via Emilio Alemagna 6 / Tel: +39 334 677 8784

5) Terrazza Palestro (Palestro area)

Just steps from the Quadrilatero della Moda (fashion district), in the Palestro area, stands the terrace of the same name located on the fourth floor of the Centro Svizzero, where the traditional flavours of Italian cuisine meet a contemporary mood always attentive to the seasonality ingredients. Guests can have an aperitif in the lounge area (from 6:30pm to 9pm) with dry snacks and finger food, as well as sip an after dinner drink and be tempted by tasty bites accompanied by a robust wine list and collection of spirits. And the rooftops of Milan that are seen in the distance poetically mingle with the tops of the oaks, cedars and horse chestnut trees of the Indro Montanelli gardens below.

Info: Site / Address: Via Palestro 2 / Tel: +39 02 7602 8316