12 May, 2023

3 paths to discover Milan and the surrounding areas by bicycle

Milan by bicycle tour experiences

 Ph Fernando Meloni Via Unsplash

Despite the common opinion of Milan, there are many cycling paths, as the more than 180 km of cycle itineraries currently present in the city and the many projects envisaged to increase of areas dedicated to two-wheel touring show, from true paths to “bike lanes” (areas noted by specific signs).

And the lengths are expected to increase: in fact, within 2024, 70 km of additional network will be inaugurated with “new” paths, like that running from Piazza Stuparich and Maciachini or the path that will connect Piazzale Siena to Piazza Miani. 

In the meantime, before the new paths become operational, We have identified 3 itineraries that are perfect way for you to securely explore the parks and monuments on two wheels in discovery of the city and its outlying areas. 

1) From Porta Romana to the Monastery di Santa Maria di Chiaravalle (approx. 7 km)

In the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano (South Milan Agricultural Park) – where you can do birdwatching or take an “ecowalk” with the Salvambiente Association – sits the headquarters of one of the most important Italian monastic complexes, the Abbey of Chiaravalle, a sort of  hinge between the urban area and Milanese countryside. 

To reach it on bicycle, follow a 7 km path that starts from the Porta Romana metro stop and proceeds to Piazzale Corvetto along the asphalt-paved, tree-lined Corso Lodi. From here – once past the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and Santa Rita – proceed along Viale Omero to Parco Nocetum, where an unpaved path crosses the verdant Parco della Vettabbia and leads to the Abbey. Distance of just 7 km, ideal for everyone, children included.

2) From Darsena to the Abbazia di Morimondo (approx. 24 km)

To get out of the centre and embrace a pleasingly bucolic scenario, one can leave from the Darsena, the ancient gate of Milan in Porta Ticinese, and pedal along Naviglio Grande to the municipality of Morimondo to visit the Cistercian Abbey dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente. Keeping the canal on the left, continue to Gaggiano, listed as “one of the happiest municipalities of Italy”, then cross a stone bridge and continue on the tow path (the road that runs along the Naviglio canal to Abbiategrasso. At this point, continuing to follow the water course, pedal until the border of Pavia until reaching Morimondo in order to visit the Abbey built in 1134, located at number 6 Piazza del Municipio. Flat pathway ideal even for first-time cyclists. 

3) From Stazione Centrale to Trezzo sull’Adda (approx. 36 km)

Another occasion to get out of densely populated Milan and into the green, admiring historic villas and antique moorings, is to embrace the path that leads to the centre of Trezzo sull’Adda, the location of the Castello Visconteo and a 42 metre high tower (perfect for taking panoramic photos). It starts from the Stazione Centrale and arrives at Cassina de Pomm’, the famous Milanese court located in Via Melchiorre Gioia. From there, continue on the bicycle path along Naviglio Martesana, the ‘little’ Milanese Naviglio, to the municipality of Trezzo sull’Adda, famous for its fifteenth century Sanctuary of the Divina Maternità and Convent of Concesa. Cycle-foot path, mostly paved, ideal for touring bicycles as well as mountain bikes.