5 May, 2018

58 Ettore Ponti: optician and design glasses

The philosophy of Brera Apartments is to research, appreciate and share with its guests what can bring added value during a visit to Milan. Our city is the cradle of various little excellences, which are hidden in the districts, among streets, in every corner.

We would like to start a voyage of discovery with one single mission: to discover and share them with you. There are a lot of fields, and they are different from one another: design, art, furniture, clothing but also food, pastry and craft. The common denominator is represented by the quality and the passion that have always characterized the Made in Italy, or better, the Made in Milano.

For the first chapter of this journey we would like to talk about a unique reality, which has made originality its trademark. We are talking about 58 Ettore Ponti, a glasses boutique, which connects research, craft, design and art. 

We went to the outlet in Via Crema, in the heart of Porta Romana district, in order to have a chat with Sergio and Maria Vittoria, the owners and creative minds behind the project, and the designers of their very personal glasses line, Van&Bro. It came up to be an interesting conversation, during which they told us how the project was born, where they find new inspirations, travelling and visiting business fairs worldwide.

58 Ettore Ponti is not the classic glasses store, but a real “world” which made research its strength point. Where does this idea come from? Does it arrive from a passion or is it a family tradition?

“First of all, we would like to underline that the idea of not being classic came out from the desire of being different. We believe that, nowadays, if we want to communicate something, we must stand up from what is common. Just in this way we can establish a contact, both with those who have already “stood up” and also with those that still haven’t realized it. The research is an essential lever of our savoir-faire, because it allows us to find a positioning which is coherent with our goals. And it comes from our spontaneity, which we hope our clients can perceive”.

Design, craft, and Made in Italy are three key points that connect your boutique with Brera Apartments. How have you come up with this choice?

“We want to be honest with the customers and offer them something precious. The three mentioned elements are the real fuel in the value chain of a product or a service. They must be perceived both in the products offered and in the concept we created, that is that of a glasses boutique.

This idea has the aim of amazing the clients and of making them feel a “wow effect”. And in our present context, which is too focused on the products’ serial standards, this gets much appreciation. After all, Italy is an icon of style and good taste, isn’t it?”.

In a continuing evolving Milan, there is a revival of crafts and of little district shops. A modern rediscovery of old stores and of the shops of ten years ago. Did you perceive this trend in your boutique? How do you feel attached to our city?

“Why not making those who live in district areas important? A process of requalification is on the go on the quarters of Milan, with the aim of making them enjoyable and modern. That is, we take part in this process doing our part and even more: we are the paladins! Because we are Milanese people and we want to give back Milan what it deserves: efficiency, traditions and attention. We pay much attention on preserving the typical style of the boutique, and on taking distance from the banalities that rages in the world of business”.

If you want to see with your own eyes the great creations of Sergio and Maria Vittoria, below the addresses of their selling points:

– Via Ettore Ponti, 58, Milano
– Via Crema, 6, Milano