6 May, 2021

5 exhibitions of “feminine” art to see in Milan in May 2021

Ph courtesy: Flavio Amiel / unsplash.com


The bastions of culture in Milan – those museums and institutions that even during the peak of the health emergency never ceased their work, continuing to nourish the public through digital events, webinars and virtual tours – have re-opened their physical doors.

In the shadow of the Duomo, in the city of “Il Bacio” di Hayez and the “Pietà” di Bellini, the exhibitions on offer have never been greater or more diversified. We have selected 5 exhibitions for you dedicated to the feminine universe to visit (with booking, recommended on weekdays and obligatory on weekends) in this special month that sees not only the re-flowering of nature, but also the pleasure of in-person viewing.   

1) “Tina Modotti. Donne, Messico e libertà” (Women, Mexico and liberty) – MUDEC

From 1 May 2021 to 7 November 2021
Via Tortona 56

Photographer, activist and Italian actress deceased at just 46 years of age, Tino Modotti wrote one of the most interesting pages of contemporary photography. The MUDEC exhibition collects a hundred of her photos, together with letters, documents and videos that recount her free spirit and social commitment.

SITO: https://www.mudec.it/ita/tina-modotti-donne-messico-e-liberta/
TEL: +39 02 54917
EMAIL: info@mudec.it

2) “Prima, donna: Margaret Bourke‑White” – PALAZZO REALE

From 27 April 2021 to Sunday, 29 August 2021
Piazza del Duomo 12

100 images from the Life Magazine archive of New York – accompanied by documents, videos and autobiographical text – to relate the work of an unconventional visionary, American Margaret Bourke-White, first foreign photographer permitted to shoot photos in the USSR (and first woman reporter for the aforementioned publication).

SITO: https://www.palazzorealemilano.it/mostre/margaret-bourke-white
TEL +39 02 88445181
EMAIL: c.mostre@comune.milano.it

3) “Le signore dell’arte” (The Ladies of Art) – PALAZZO REALE

Until 25 July 2021
Piazza del Duomo 12

The universe of the most avant-garde feminine art in an exhibition on the most important artists who lived between 1500-1600. From Caravaggio-styled Artemisia Gentileschi to miniaturist Giovanna Garzoni, the exhibit conceived at the Palazzo Reale features the works and lives of 34 incredibly prolific and trailblazing women.

SITO: https://www.palazzorealemilano.it/mostre/storie-di-donne-tra-500-e-600
TEL:  +39 02 88445181
EMAIL: c.mostre@comune.milano.it

4) “Federica Galli: Green Grand Tour” – PALAZZO MORANDO

From 27 April to 27 June 2021
Via Sant’Andrea 6

At 12 years from her death, this personal show organized by the Foundation Federica Galli in collaboration with the Cultural sector of the Municipality of Milan recounts the career and charisma of one of the most important Italian exponents of contemporary engraving and graphic arts in a show of 100 works extending over 10 halls.

SITO: http://www.costumemodaimmagine.mi.it/
TEL: + 39 02 884 65735
EMAIL: c.palazzomorando@comune.milano.it

5) “Zehra Doğan. Il tempo delle farfalle” (The time of butterflies) – PAC 

Until 30 May 2021
Via Palestro n°14

The Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea (Pavilion of Contemporary Art) of Milan gives face and voice to the story of Kurdish artist Zehra Doğan, sentenced in 2017 to 2 years and 9 months of imprisonment for a design tweeted during the attack of the Turkish army on Nusaybin. During her imprisonment, Zehra, born in 1989, produced works together with other prisoners. Today she dedicates her show to three sisters who fought the dictatorship of Dominican Trujillo under the nom de guerre La Mariposas (The Butterflies).

SITO: http://www.pacmilano.it
TEL: +39 02 884 46359
EMAIL: info@pacmilano.it