17 March, 2021

5 brunches to enjoy in Milan (even) with take-away or delivery

Ph Courtesy: Clivati

Milan loves brunch: like a small, prolific, Italian Manhattan, our city has claimed the tradition of brunch as its own, also in the easy home delivery format: a much appreciated alternative to Sunday lunch, to satisfy both the eyes and the palate.

The selection is extraordinarily extensive, from exquisitely European items – from English “Eggs Benedict” to French “Croque Monsieur” – to famous breakfast dishes from across the pond: sweet and savory pancakes, cheesecakes of every kind, classic or gourmet club sandwiches.

On our blog, we have selected 5 locations – strong in delivery service or take-away with reservation – to enjoy the weekend with continental menus and vegetarian options to sample comfortably at home or in our locations. Discover them here:

CLIVATI – Viale Coni Zugna 57

More than a bakery, an assurance: a small temple of delights in the Solari neighborhood since 1969, just steps from the Basilica di Sant’Antonio, serving beautiful and tasty things to a hungry “Gran Milan”. In addition to the iconic cakes of the brand – some even available in single-portions, like the berry tarte – Clivati offers a refined and accessible brunch, with sweet and savory pancakes, filled croissants, bagels and lox, club sandwiches and splendid omelets. And for home delivery (or take-away), it offers three themed boxed meals – “birthday”, “romantic” and “family” – that transform #brunchathome into a festive event.

CONTACTS: +39 02 8322591 / info@pasticceriaclivati.it SITE: https://pasticceriaclivati.it/ SOCIAL: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

MACHA – Viale Francesco Crispi 15

Famous for the freshest salmon tartar and super-healthy pokè bowls, Macha Cafè is not only a high-level sushi bar, but also a reference point for great brunch in the city (also with take-away or home delivery by Deliveroo, Glovo and Uber Eats): the pancake tower is served with fresh fruit or savory filling, and the burger is available in fish or avocado versions, but the true house specialty is the macha cheesecake (also available in a vegan version), as well as classic or gluten-free pound cakes.

CONTACTS: +39 02 4547 3046 / hellomacha@machacafe.it SITE: https://www.machacafe.it/ SOCIAL: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

EGALITE’ – Via Melzo 22

A boulangerie in perfect French style that is also a great bistro for Milanese cocktail hours and a proper brunch-bar with “Parisian allure” (and food delivery): try the traditional croissant with fine Brittany butter and pain au chocolat with dark chocolate (also in mini version), but honorable mention goes to the croque monsieur, a classic sandwich from beyond the Alps browned in the oven. There are six brunch combinations available, including light menu items with salads and Fish brunch featuring flavors from the Atlantic. Elegant and perfect French food by definition.

CONTACTS: +39 02 91763465 / info@egalitemilano.it SITE: https://www.egalitemilano.it SOCIAL: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

OFELE’ – Via Savona 2

Ofelé means “confectioner” in Milanese dialect, but this delicious café-bistro in the Porta Genova area is more like a welcoming home than a sweets factory. In addition to the classic comfort dishes – from home-made ravioli to meatloaf – it features great cocktails and a simple but essential brunch, also for take-away or delivery with Deliveroo.  The crown jewel of the house are the bagels and savory pancakes (available in several flavors, such as the classic salmon and Philadelphia, or the more unusual speck ham, blue goat cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes, or vegetarian with grilled vegetables and beet hummus) paired on the brunch menu with American coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice and choice of dessert (from carrot cake to banana bread).

CONTACTS: +39 02 4950 0096 / coccole@ofele.it SITE: https://ofele.it/ SOCIAL: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

GOD SAVE THE FOOD – Viale Piave 18

Subheading – “simply good food”, or fresh ingredients and clear ideas with simplicity as a value. The offerings of the group, which boasts 4 locations – in the Tortona, Brera, Piave and Duomo areas – among the most applauded of the city center for brunch, range from poached egg and sweet or savory pancakes (served only on weekends) to evergreen dishes available throughout the week like Cesar Salad, grilled salmon fillet with Greek yogurt and sauteed spinach, the now famous club sandwich with roasted turkey or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. The single portion desserts are a must, such as lemon pie and chilled cheesecake with a topping of red fruits.

CONTACTS: +39 02 38268602 / piave@godsavethefood.it SITE: https://www.godsavethefood.it/ SOCIAL: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM