1 June, 2018

Rigadritto: a world to discover

The philosophy of Brera Apartments is deeply connected to all the shops of the territory which enhance and make the city of Milan unique. For this reason, we continue our journey in order to discover the shops and the boutique that promote the “Made in Milan”.

During the second stop, we would like to talk about a magical and unique place: Rigadritto, the curious stationery shop that has been delighting its customers in Milan since 2006, and that contains an extraordinary world, full of objects, toys and gadgets from all over the world.

We have been in their boutique in via Brera 6, in one of the most famous neighborhoods in Milan, in order to do interview the owners Giancarlo and Roberta, who have always been experts in the creative sector.
During the interview, they talked about the world of Rigadritto and about their passion for every object that communicates history, culture, art, fashion and creativity.

Neither a classical stationary shop, nor a toy shop: Rigadritto cannot be described. Can you tell us something about your boutique and about your philosophy?

“Rigadritto is not a classical stationery shop, it is not a toy shop, it is not a hobby store, but at the same time it’s all of that and much more…it is Rigadritto. It was born from our entrepreneurial experience (Naj-Oleari and Fabriano) and it was developed quickly thanks to these past experiences.
Each product in the shop was found with care and thought to stay with the other objects. Each object tells its own story and stands out from the others.”

Which kind of emotions do you want people feel when entering your shop?

“Our spaces are defined “Storytelling spaces” because every object lives through the story that we tell, in other words, through their immaterial value.
The shop windows are organized in order to attract whoever observes them. The colors and the emotions created by the objects make leaving the journey inside the shop a really hard job.”

You travel the world in order to find unique and vintage objects: what do you search when you are choosing these objects?

“Our research, that brings us in the most particular places around the world, focuses on the excellence. The objects which that we choose match with our taste: we always look for original products that we can include in our offer in order to surprise our customers. The shop’s offer is always changing, and for this reason a photo made in our shop can be considered “old” after a month only.

The shop is dynamic, innovative and it is focused on the excellence of products, independently from the price. The price, in fact, is not the most important aspect for the sale: many customers buy the objects because of their attractive power.”

Rigadritto is in the heart of one of the most characteristic streets of the city. How do you feel linked to this neighborhood?

“The position of the boutique in Via Brera is perfect for Rigadritto. The street is very famous in the world, but at the same time it is particular, characteristic and well-attended; we couldn’t have found a better place! Our space is thought to attract the customers with colors and perfumes which remind them their childhood. We want our customers to forget about time and to have fun, thanks to the irony that is the basis of our products.”

If you want to discover this fascinating boutique and be charmed by its objects, here you can find their address:

– Brera street, 6 Milan