5 August, 2018

Nano Bleu: happiness for kids since 1949

Brera Apartments’ journey doesn’t stop: we want to discover all the small stores that make Milan unique.  We always take care of families and we believe that travelling with children is a great opportunity to see the world with different eyes, so during the fourth stop we want to talk about an historical toy shop that has made many generations of kids dream: Nano Bleu. Back from the World War II bombings, the store has established itself to the present day as reference point for families and children.

We’ve been in Corso Vittorio Emanuele 15 in order to interview the current owner, who has told us the story and the curiosities of the store: let’s discover them together.

Nano Bleu has been making kids and adults happy since 1949. Can you tell us its story?

Nano Bleu opened in 1949: the building was rebuilt after it was destroyed by the bombings of World War II.

Nano Bleu is the only historical store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. The person who opened it wanted to create a boutique or a toy atelier taking inspiration from the French stores: for this reason, our symbol (the little dwarf) has a transalpine name. Since its start the store wanted to stand out for the care for toys and for products, that are imported from the whole world.

In 2017 Nano Bleu was appointed “historical atelier of Milan”. How has this prestigious title been given?

It was given as the enterprise and the business name have remained the same during time, but also because the store has remained in the same place and it has preserved some original architectonical and decor elements, like the blue wooden shop windows, the desk, the iconic spiral staircase and some pieces of furniture.

How is the store perceived by children?

Children love the shop windows, which are constantly changed alternating the latest news with most traditional toys, and of course they also like the inside of the shop, that has now become more enjoyable thanks to the third floor, which was added the last year; Now there are no space problems for strollers anymore, and toys are better showed.

By the way, the most beloved corner is the stuffed animals one, where there are many lovely animals, from the mosquito to the big giraffe. During Christmas children come to write their letters for Santa Claus, and we also create a postal box so they can post them: kids will later receive their presents, wrapped in our unique red paper.

Which are the values that characterize your shop and which added value you offer your costumers?

The tradition, for the typology of shop, without online store: we concentrate on the human connection and on the costumer care in order to help our clients find the best toy for every need. Our products too make us irreplaceable: we only sell the most traditional and “participative” toys, which are less alienating than videogames and the most modern electronic games. Despite this, in the store you can always find the latest news and the shop has remained a family business, with care for the Made in Italy.

In fact, the passion we have is visible in the shop windows, in the fitting of the store and in the care for the presents preparation. Whoever enters Nano Bleu enters an enchanted world and they live a fairy-tale experience: we try to make everyone a child!

Let’s talk about toys: which characteristics do you search for in the products you choose, and which meaning have toys for you?

We look for toys that can be educational and funny, lively and with a potential emotional value for those receiving them; we listen to adults and kids’ opinions and needs. For us toys are fundamental objects, as the passions people had when they were kids will later have an influence on them as adults.

If you want to become children again, or simply purchase one of the incredible toys of the store, here you can find the address:

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 15 Milano

We’ll be waiting for you at our Family Apartments, where you can enjoy with the utmost comfort your stay in Milan with your little ones!