6 February, 2024

5 unconventional places in Milan for music enthusiasts

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Ph Expect Best Via Pixels

Are you in Milan and are you, most of all, a music-lover? The Lombardy capital is a lively centre of every type of music production and enjoyment, with an eclectic scene ranging from large auditoriums and small concert halls. 

If Teatro alla Scala makes Milan the cradle of classical and opera music, other varied musical genres – from rap to trap and from hip hop to jazz and Latin music – populate the Milanese nightlife in the most diverse locations, such as underground clubs and musical instrument shops. 

We have selected 5 of our favourite places for you – well-known although unconventional – in which to enjoy live music or a jam session in the city centre. Take note!

MaMu – Via Francesco Soave 3

In an internal 320 m2 internal courtyard just steps from Porta Romana, the Magazzino della Musica – abbreviated to MaMu – is a meeting point for classical music lovers. Not just a bookshop, not only a musical instrument store (specializing in bowed instruments) and violin maker, but also an event space that holds themed labs and master classes (like vocal improvisation meetings) and a full and thorough schedule of live events dedicated to the major composers, from Dumas to Verdi and from Desprez to Mozart. Information here.

Note di Cucina – Viale Monza 16

As the name suggests, this restaurant in Viale Monza, in the Loreto neighbourhood, doesn’t limit itself to offering its guests the best of Emilian culinary tradition – faithful to its roots – but also offer live music every Wednesday night: it is the owner, Massimo Alessi, expert and connoisseur of classical music, who sits at the piano every Wednesday evening gifting his guests a live performance (sometimes accompanied by other instrumentalists). Genuine and abundant menu: like good music. Information here.

Hosteria della Musica – Vicolo Fiorini 2

In the heart of Brera, the perfect union between food and music takes place in this small restaurant featuring meat (as well as pizzeria and lounge bar) open from Monday to Sunday. Corresponding to the variety of dishes that make up the menu – surf and turf – are the most varied musical genres – jazz, pop, soul, ambient – for unparalleled dinner shows featuring acoustic concerts and cabaret, burlesque and drag shows. Information here.

Cinema Teatro Trieste – Via Pacinotti 6 

A special place to listen to music outside of the usual: acoustic lives, jam sessions, collective and group ‘sing-ins’ are the offerings, whether for dinner or aperitif, of this ex-art-house cinema that still retains the vintage emblem and charm. Open from breakfast time, from Tuesday to Saturday guests can listen to jazz and blues musicians, as well as masters of international swing. But there isn’t any website: just keep an eye on social media! Information here.

FRED – Via Ingegnoli 2

It’s read FRED (like it’s written) and it’s the acronym for “food, records and drinks”. In short, it’s a true fashionable bar – open from breakfast time to late-night – that is also a record store where patrons can taste signature cocktails and gourmet dishes among a collection of more than five thousand vinyl records (for purchase or just listening on-site). The main music genres? Impossible to define them: at FRED – meeting place for collectors, artists and musicians from everywhere – they range dizzyingly from indie to funk and from techno to jazz. Information here.


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