2 August, 2023

5 gelato shops to try in Milan 

5 gelaterie da provare a Milano

Ph Michelangelo Azzariti Via Unsplash 

Summer is the season of gelato, an art that Italians are masters of, with Milan being one of the cities the most avant-garde and equipped to satisfy increasingly varied and demanding requests. 

Here we are not limited to placating soft palates, but there’s space for innovation and interesting choices (bold, in some cases): the Ambrosian city has given birth to gin and tonic gelato or saffron risotto flavour ice cream. No limits to the exploration!

We have selected 5 gelato shops for you that are recognized by Milan residents as some of the best of the city, from Porta Genova to City Life and from the Courthouse to Porta Venezia. Classic and creative, vegan-friendly and unconventional. Try them all, one after another!

1) GUSTO 17 – Via Savona 17

In the Porta Genova area there is a gelato shop with an open laboratory that emphasizes innovation: imagine that, throughout Fashion Week, it dedicated three flavours to the king of fashion, Giorgio Armani, obtaining the classic variegated grey colours of the maison. At nightfall, rather, Gusto 17 serves unusual gelato flavours at happy hour, like variegated potato chip with chocolate and salted peanuts. Simply the top!

2) OUT OF THE BOX. – Via Malpighi 7

In the Porta Venezia area stands a gelato shop that is truly out of the box, defined as ‘raw’ because it is gluten free, lactose free and 100% plant based. And it actually is Out of the Box, an artisanal gelato shop with a large assortment of vegan flavours. “It’ll seem like you’re eating gelato for the first time”, says their social media claim. And the effect is really the same!

3) PAVE’ GELATI E GRANITE – Via Cesare Battisti 21

Between Porta Monforte and the Courthouse of Milan, vintage atmosphere and gelato in the wells for one of the coolest gelato shops (and cafès) in the city, Pavè. With a limited number of flavours, some of which are truly must-haves (like the raw pistachio and torta sbrisolona or crumble cake), it also offers unique sorbets and flavoured ices. And the spray on whipped cream on top is always free!

4) CIACCO – Via Spadari 13

In the city centre near the Duomo, stands one of the best-reviewed artisanal gelato shops of Milan, Ciacco. It is the shop of Parma scientist, chemist and gelato maker Stefano Guizzetti who offers gourmet gelato without colourings, preservatives or emulsifiers, with pleasingly unusual flavour combinations (like gin and tonic gelato!). How do you say? Experiential. 

5) CREMA – Via Giovanni Procida 29

In the City Life area is the iconic Crema, an authentic “flavour boutique”, founded by Giorgio Bulgari (scion of the namesake fashion and accessories brand) with a menu of 50 delicious flavours and 25 refreshing sorbets. Excellent classic flavours – like chocolate and orange or zabaglione with sweet wine from Pantelleria – and gourmet digressions (which is the case with Asiago cheese and honey of Cosentini figs or sheep’s milk ricotta with salted pistachios). Mouthwatering just reading them!