4 April, 2024

Fuorisalone 2024: 5 mustn’t miss installations in the Brera Design District 

Ph Brera Design District

The number of events on the Fuorisalone programme during the days of Milano Design Week has been growing year after year. And 2024 – with 15 new openings in Brera, for a total of nearly two hundred showrooms to visit – foresees a particularly full schedule for the Brera Design District. 

From exhibitions and presentations, workshops and site-specific works of art, we have prepared a mini guide for you of the most exciting events dedicated to the theme of this edition, “Materia Natura” (Natural Material). 

Here are 5 must-see installations in the Brera area to experience Fuorisalone 2024 under the banner of ecological awareness. And reflect on the relationship between environment and design in the neighbourhood where design is the highest and most complete expression.

1) SunRICE – Via Brera 28 / Via Fiori Oscuri 4 

The topic is food and energy, nature and architecture in the botanic garden of Brera where, in the setting of the Interni Cross Vision exhibition, there will be an experimental installation that starts from a food very near and dear to our tradition – rice – made with the recycled product of its processing, the raw material at the base of a new architecture, sustainable in the most virtuous and concrete sense of the word. The design, with the fun title “SunRICE – the recipe of happiness”, was created by magazine Interni in collaboration with ENI. 

Further information here.

 2) GLO FOR ART – Gattinoni Hub, via Statuto 2 

An Italian illustrator living in New York, Emiliano Ponzi, already author of a work on the theme of water pollution for the Salone Del Mobile 2024, puts his name to a site-specific  maxi-installation for this edition of the Fuorisalone to speak about sustainability and innovation. He does this through the bright and immersive use of colour, enveloping the spectator i a tunnel of vibrant shapes and colours. His objective is to promote a sustainable art in the most democratic sense of the word: inclusive and accessible to everyone. 

Further information here.

3) MATERIA IN MOVIMENTO – Casa Brera, Via Formentini 10 

The location of Casa Brera is transformed into a fascinating birch forest in which to reflect on the balance between the natural environment and the human beings. Responsible for the set-up is the ‘Spazio Grande’ Seiko (from the namesake watch brand) that offers visitors the possibility to have a so-called “forest bathing” experience, a Japanese meditation technique that promotes immersion in nature to reunify with it. Because the wellness of man is tightly linked to that of the planet. 

Further information here.

MINIERA – Via Solferino 28 

The large installation of “Citta Miniera: Design, Dismantle Disseminate” consists of wooden boxes ready to return to their original use (as fruit containers) at the end of Milano Design Week, which will be available for viewing in the historic courtyard of the Corriere della Sera (The Evening Courier). Signed by architect Mario Cucinella, this work shows the spectator the need to design urban spaces as circular ecosystems, where the waste materials become – just like in nature – new lifeblood, the stepping-off point of other projects. 

Further information here.

5) TRANSITIONS – Castello Sforzesco, Piazza Castello 

Taking place in the Sala dei Pilastri of Castello Sforzesco, the installation by Italian company Stark is a multi-sensory experience that brings the spectator to linger over the theme of the transformation of material through the main life-spring of the planet, water. It does this by showing sinuous and unexpected shapes that materials take on in the presence or absence of this element and making us recall that materials and man are integral parts of the same ecosystem. 

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