8 February, 2023

Take away in Milan: 5 places (traditional and ethnic) ideal for take away 

take away Milano

Ph Clem Onojeghuo Via Unsplash

Classic or creative restaurants, gourmet bistros and cheap stalls, exotic bars and very Milanese laboratories: ours is a city with wide horizons in the food field too! And those who prefer to consume their food at home – like in our apartments and suites – there is a wealth of choices. Here is a mini-guide of the best offerings of the centre for a lip-smacking takeaway, from Thai to gourmet hamburgers. 

1) Bussarakham – Via Valenza 13

Just steps from Navigli there’s an unmissable piece of Thailand for those who love ethnic cuisine, Bistrot Bussarakham (meaning “Precious Gem:). Characterizing the menu, also available for take away, are delicious dishes including meat, fish, vegetables, salads, soups and many curries. Highly recommended is the Thai fried rice with shrimp, egg and tomatoes.

Site: https://www.bussarakham.com/
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2) Al Mercato steaks | burgers – Via SantEufemia 16 / c.so Venezia 18 / Viale della Liberazione 15

In what is considered the temple in Italian burger bars, the hamburger is not just a simple sandwich, but an experience of taste: in addition to the beef classics – with select Fassona and dry-aged Kobe provided ground fresh daily by the Macelleria of Sergio Motta – there are plant-based offerings for the vegan community and a mouth-watering fish burger with prawns and lobster. Honourable mention among the desserts, a caramel and raspberry cream.

Site: https://www.al-mercato.it/
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3) Vòce di Aimo e Nadia – Piazza della Scala 6

When food and culture meet, restaurant projects are born like that of Aimo and Nadia, reference point of gourmet Italian cuisine for more than 50 years: the menu, also available for take away and closely linked with the excellence of the peninsula, presents refined offerings like lobster “alla Catalana” and oysters on the half-shell. Caviar lovers find many creative ideas paired with the best bottles. To conclude, a must-try is the dessert homage to Alessandro Manzoni. 

Site: https://www.voceaimoenadia.com/
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4) Dim Sum – Via Nino Bixio, 29

At this traditional Chinese restaurant, dedicated to the “rite of the new China: elegant, luxurious and contemporary”, even by take away, diners taste Cantonese dim sum, little delicacies to wash down with tea (or glasses of champagne). Among these are the standouts like “Shao Mai”, typical dumplings, and “Jiaozi”, half-moons will with vegetables, and also the beloved “Baozi”, fluffy steam-cooked buns. The top expression of Asian comfort food! 

Site: https://www.dimsummilano.com/
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5) Osteria dell’Acquabella – Via San Rocco 11 

Risotto with ossobuco, marinated cutlets, gnocchi dumplings with meat ragù, joint of meat with potatoes, onion soup. The classic that couldn’t be more classic – in the best way, this small osteria just steps from Porta Romana. Dishes that must be tried – also for take away, depending on availability – the “büsèca”, or rather, Milanese-style tripe, and the “raspadura lodigiana”, a Lombard cheese shaved into thin slices (available from September to May).

Site: https://www.acquabella.it/site/ita/home.php
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