6 December, 2021

5 food tours (with tastings) to do in Milan


Not only fashion and design, in the shadow of the Madonnina, where food has always been the most important and themed experiences abound: among historic cafés and new culinary schools, urban wine cellars and wine bars for aperitifs, the city conquers the heart of the gourmand. Discover the 5 tasting experience to embrace in the center of Milan for a true insider’s food experience. 


A tour back in time through the lives and atmospheres of some historic locations of the center of Milan: Associazione MilanoGuida offers visitors guided tours to those cafés that have represented, and still represent, the most sophisticated meeting places for thinkers and intellectuals.  The guided tour – with a pastry tasting at each location – starts from the most central, like “Caffè della Peppina” in the Duomo area, and “Caffè della Cecchina” in front of Teatro La Scala, proceeding to “Caffè Bistrot Savini” – frequented by high-calibre clients like Puccini and Verdi or Hemingway and Chaplin – and “Bar Camparino”, masterpiece of Milan Liberty style. Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Cost: 14 euros (full price), 12 euros (children 6-13 years), 6 euros (children 0-5 years).

Info at: milanoguida.com


The most innovative and metropolitan of the wineries of the city center, Cantina Urbana Milano offers an immersive experience in its industrial-style space, escorted by an expert Cellarer, with a visit to the production area of the wine, tasting of three bottles accompanied by artisanal cheese and sliced meat platters, and the sharing of the entire wine-making experience.  Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Cost: 25 euros per person.

Info at: cantinaurbana.it


Forever among the distinctive characteristics of Milan is the aperitivo: this tour, guided by a local food and wine expert takes place – starting from Piazza XXIV Maggio, for groups of 10 people maximum – along the two bridges of Naviglio Grande, focal point of Milanese social life, and visits the bars that have made “Milan drinking history”, with quality appetizers and chef-prepared street food. Duration: Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Cost: 75 euros.

Info at: doeatbetterexperience.com


An homage to the iconic Milanese risotto, risotto with saffron, this tour departs from the Duomo and develops through showcooking and a historic tasting by Spazio Theca. The tour recounts the curious relation between the yellow rice and the city cathedral, to which the recipe is linked: in fact, it seems that it was invented by the master glazier of the Duomo construction site, and named for the spice that gives its colour to the dish. Duration: approximately 75 minutes. Cost: starting from 29 euros.

Info at: neiade.com


Not just a simple food tour, but a real cooking lesson that focuses on the heart of Milanese tradition, on the home-made dishes of pasta and gnocchi: the visit begins among the stands of the local market under the guidance of an expert chef, and proceeds in the intimacy of the chef’s home for the collaborative preparation of 4 seasonal dishes. This is followed by a group dinner accompanied by fine Italian wine and finished off with an essential espresso. Duration: 5 hours. Cost: starting from 119 euros per person.

Info at: tripadvisor.it